About us

The name Wire Guard in the construction and manufacturing industries is synonymous with quality, durability and performance-based customized solutions. 

Our people are at the center of our success, so we care for them passionately. Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Policies and Procedures for how we conduct ourselves, are the foundation, which directs our decision-making in support of our team and our customers.

Be Flexible: that’s our mantra. We understand the changes and challenges of designing solutions and we bring years of experience to help solve problems.

Engineered Solutions: that’s our strength and core competency. We always commit to doing the best we can and adjust according to customer changes; but we do not sacrifice effective solutions for quality or cost.

Let us work with you to solve your most challenging problems. We’d like that!

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14 Bram Court, Brampton ON, L3W 3R6